New City Wardrobe

I recently moved to Oxford. Having spent most of my life living either in the Dorset countryside or a small, Sctottish, sea-side town, the change has made a large impact on my life. Who knew that (almost) everyone in the city would be so fashionable?

After living in St Andrews, the marjority of my wardrobe caters to the freezing cold weather- big knitted jumpers are cute, but when it’s all you own, it doesn’t leave much room to be creative with your outfits. So, I’ve started my search for reasonably priced, seasonal clothes for the poor Masters student in Oxford. Here are some of my favourite finds so far.



Found on Asos.

This Parkland bag on Asos is going to save my life. Well, at least, it’ll save my laptop from the rain. For £30, this precious, pastel bag will make any outfit look adorable, and it’s perfect for students.



Found at Primark.

This Bee blouse was love at first sight for me. It’s only £7, a bargain compared to the (equally cute) Topshop version. Primark has a brilliant range of work appropriate blouses at the moment. Thank the 70s comeback for the lovely ruffles.



Found at H&M.

It rains a lot in Oxford. I mean, a lot. Fortunately for me, H&M have a brilliant range of coats and jackets at the moment, including this pastel pink raincoat. I have a soft spot for pastel colours, and this definitely satisfies my cute clothes craving. It’s a pricey £49.99, but then again, you don’t want to be cheap when it comes to coats.



Found at H&M.

Another H&M find, this jacket encapsulates everything I love about bomber jackets right now. It’s  bright, a little bit tacky, and a little bit 90s. I personally love the embroidery on this one. Zara also has some great ones at the moment, beautiful and Japanese inspired. But if you’re looking for the slightly cheaper alternative then H&M is the shop for you.



Found at Next.

Next have always made cool, long lasting shoes, for work or casual wear. If it’s Autumn, I don’t like to rely on my trainers to survive the rain- I need a pair of fashionable, lasting boots. For me, Next and Clarks are the places to go for compfortable, water-proof shoes. These leather Chelsea Boots are a reasonable £58 pounds, an excellent price considering everything you’re getting for them.



Found at Fat Face.

Look, we all know shopping for jeans is literally the worst thing in the world, unless you’re a very specific shape and size. Topshop jeans never pull up further than my shins. H&M jeans work pretty well, until they wear through at the top of the thighs and I’m left with revealing holes. Primark? No pockets! So far, Fat Face is the only shop which has jeans that fit me. For £45 these jeans are worth the money, and they provide a variety of shapes and sizes.



Found at M&S.

Marks and Spencers always do amazing skirts, because not only are they well made and fashionable, but they’re also perfect for interviews or work. This skirt would look great with or without tights. You can either slouch-it-up with some trainers, or wear a pair of ankle boots for a slightly more formal look. This skirt is £35, which is admittedly pricer than any Primark alternative.



Found at Topshop.

If you’re anything like me, you wear through socks within a few months. And, if you love Topshop as much as I do, you’ll know that they’ve done a three pairs of socks for £9 deal since forever. This pair caught my eye, because they’re pink and have aliens on- two of my favourite things. You can get them individuallly for £3.50.




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