What Trainers Should I Buy?

As much as we might wish it weren’t the case, trainers don’t last forever. My Nike Airs have been my best friends, through thick and thin- festivals, lectures, and long nights out. But now, two years later, they’re sadly on their last legs. (There, that’s almost a pun about feet. Legs are close enough, aren’t they?)

It’s a sad day when your favourite trainers cough their last fairwell, another piece of rubber sole falling off as you walk to the shops. However, there is one solace- a shopping trip.

Then, we encounter the problem of which brand to purchase. Maybe you’re devoted yourself to one in particular, or maybe you like to go for the more economic option and get knock-offs from New Look (always a good option). But whilst shoe shopping can be fun, it can also be a very stressful expereince if you don’t have an exact idea of what you want. So, if you’ve found yourself in Office or Sole Trader, helplessly staring at the endless racks of shoes without a clue as to where to start, maybe a little research will help.

Let’s take a look at the major trainer brands and see where they differ- then, choose your style.



Addidas have made a big comeback, releasing the Superstar range- the Addidas sneaker image we all know and love. They’re all, largely, ankle hight and the soles are pretty much the same thickness from toe to heel- good news if you dont like Nike or New Balance for the thin soles at the toes. They also come in a lovely selection of pastel colours, and have an awesome, exclusive range only at Office. If you like patterned trainers, you may want to look elsewhere, though. Your classic pair of Addidas Superstars will cost something around the £70 mark.



Converse have been people’s favourites for decades. Unlike other brands, they’re instantly recognisable even from a distance, their symbol cool and distinctive. Unlike the stuff you find in shops like New Look who do very popular knock offs, these may well just last you forever, even if you’re accustomed to wearing through shoes within months. Whether you go for high tops, ankle lengths, patterned or classic, these shoes will go with everything. Converse usually come round to something like £50, or £60.


Nike Air Feather High All White

In my mind, like Converse, Nike trainers evoke an image of 80s high-school kids riding bikes into school in denim jackets with the sleeves rolled up. For this reason, they’re my personal favourite brand. Nike Airs have taken the UK by storm, providing a range of high tops and ankle high trainers in a huge range of colours, patterns, and shapes. They’re pricey- more so than Converse or Addidas. Nike Airs have a good thick sole, however, some find that the other ranges of Nike don’t last very long in this respect. The price ranges very widely, depending on what style you go for.



Reebok give that classic, sporty sneaker look. The heel-to-toe sole gradient provides a more femine trainer for those looking for it. Coming in cool metallics or pastels, you’ve got a good range of choice too. The Fury Light range cater to the more slender trainer t, and without irritating laces to double knot. Once again, these are around the £60 mark, depending on what style you choose.

New Balance


New Balance are another choice if you like the heel-to-toe gradient, and a little cheaper than Reebok or Nike as they’re very often in the sale racks. This is probably because people prefer the more famous sports brands like Addidas or Nike- however, this brand produces a wide selection of solid, cool trainers, so definitely dont turn your nose up at them if you find a pair you like. A very respectable brand, your classic pair of shoes coming to £60 pounds, £40 in the sales.



Unlike the other brands we’ve looked at, Vans are the only one to produce a trainer which recognisably have no laces. They’re comfortable and easy to slip on, giving a cool but casual look which is often assocaited with a more tom-boy, skater aesthetic. Of course, Vans also offer laced shoes, which are also great- unfussy and classic looking. The brand also famously produces a lot of exciting patterened shoes, too, so keep your eyes out for them. They’re also cheaper than the other sports brands, coming to £50 or £60.

Now that you’ve had a preview to the best trainer brands, go out, unafraid, and choose the pair that suit you!

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