7 Ways to Wear Your T-Shirt

Ah, the t-shirt. A timeless classic. Not only is it comfortable, but nowadays, with sites like Redbubble and More T Vicar, you can get one with practically anything you want on it. They might not always come cheap, but they’re still one of our favourite wardrobe items- because whether you’re a man, a woman, or anything in between, we all look and feel bloomin’ cool in them.

Plus, they’re surprisingly versatile; for those who feel like they want to revamp a few fandom t-shirts or have gotten bored of their ol’ tee, here are a some examples of the many wondrous ways you can wear one.

1) The Classic


Here’s Joan Jett from the Runaways, rocking a classic t back in the 70s. You really can’t go wrong with just a plain old t-shirt. Add a hoodie or a denim jacket (or both!) and you’re sorted for life.

2) The Oversized Tee


Here’s Debbie Harry, wearing an oversized t-shirt dress. You could wear this one with tights, but if your shirt is a little too short or you feel self-conscious, you can wear it with leggings, shorts, a body-con skirt, or jeans.

3) Cut Off Sleeves


Take a look at the two girls on the right in this picture of Bananarama, back in the day. If you’re t-shirt is too big, or if it bunches up in the wrong places because of your curves, try cutting of the sleeves like Bananarama has; it’ll give your tee a better shape, and it looks seriously cool too. Quick tip: the lower down the shirt you cut the hole for your arms, the better it will hang.

4) The Rolled Up Sleeves


If you don’t feel like cutting off the sleeves but want to give your tee that extra something, try rolling them up like Madonna here. You’ll look instantly more badass.

5) Cropped


If you’re feeling brave enough, why don’t you do what Courtney cox is doing here and wear a cropped t-shirt? You could adapt one of your old ones by cutting of the lower end of your tee, leaving the edge frayed for a rugged effect, or seaming it up if you’d prefer not to.

6) The Too Small Tee


That t-shirt you grew out of, but is still hanging round because you don’t want to get rid of it? It may just come in handy. Relive a 70s fashion classic and wear it with some high waisted jeans or a skirt.

7) Personalised


If none of these examples have tickled your fancy, then make your t-shirt your own by adding badges or patches. Stencil it. Paint on it. Tie-dye it. Go crazy.

There you have it- just seven of the many ways you can update your old t-shirts. Summer might have passed, but let’s be real- our favourite t-shirts are never forgotten.

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