Fandom fashion: the favourites

So I’m very much of the opinion that people are multi-dimensional. I, personally, enjoy keeping up with fashion and doing ‘girly things’ whilst also being a bit of a nerd. It’s amazing how many people think that the two are incongruous. It’s even more surprising how many people try and test my superhero knowledge because of it.

So, I figured- why not bring the two together for an article? These are a few examples of my favourite outfits from my favourite sci-fi and fantasy series and films. I have so many favourites, but… I have inevitably forgotten most of them. So here are just a few.

Hermione Granger: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Now this dress is just gorgeous, and I can’t find a good picture of it anywhere, so this will have to do (technology isn’t my forte…). It might just be Slughorn’s obsequious Christmas party, but Hermione still does it with style; that 50s styled bodice, some tasteful cleavage and the pretty little pleats? I love all of Hermione’s dresses, but this is my favourite by far.

Buffy Summers: For, like, all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer


I’m a sucker for 90s fashion, I really am. I’m all about the high waists and co-ords, and Buffy always hits the nail right on the head. I love how she goes back to the 60s with her a-line skirts and big hair, but most of all, I love how she kicks some ass whilst looking her cutest. Go, Buffster.

Clara Oswald: Doctor Who


I’m sorry, but I swear Clara Oswald just has the best fashion sense ever. I’d probably be a bit self conscious being chased by monsters if I’m falling around in a short skirt, but guess what- Clara don’t give a crap. Clara looks cute all the time, whether it’s her iconic a-line tartan skirt look, or her big, cosy jumper aesthetic. To be honest, she could probably wear a bin bag and rock it with her cute little ankle boot collection. Keep showing the universe what real fashion sense is, Clara.

Regina/Evil Queen: Once Upon A Time


Regina’s outfits are always on point. Whether she’s queening it up in the Enchanted Forest, or being boss in Storybrooke, her outfits always say she’s in charge and are always beautiful. Don’t mess with a woman in a well cut dress suit.

Dana Barett: Ghost Busters


Look. At. This. It’s so shiny and ridiculous. I love it. I especially love how large her hair is. I don’t know how this dress appeared when Dana became possessed by her fridge pests- maybe she already owned it, and to be honest, while it isn’t exactly practical, I couldn’t blame her because it is freaking cool. The billowing, over the shoulder sleeves and the slit for the leg is sexy enough to seduce anyone so inclined- even if she is actually the horrific beast Zuul whilst wearing this dress.

Ruby Rhod: Fifth Element


Well, come on. The costume design was by Jean Paul Gaultier. And he’s the most fabulous man in the universe. There’s nothing else to say.

Alice: Alice in Wonderland


I’m not the biggest fan of this movie- yes, it’s very epic, but a bit too over-done for me. I don’t know, perhaps I should re-watch it and see what I think of it a few years on. Anyway, one thing I will say is how great Alice’s outfits are; whimsical and surreal. And this armour- it’s, it’s just wonderful. Why? Because it’s literally just armour. No boob cups, no sexualized female shape, no lack of metal to reveal some extra skin because it’s sexy (even though it’s sure to kill the wearer)- it’s just plain old, gonna-slay-some-dragons armour. No matter what some might tell you, girls look fantastic armour.

Marceline: Adventure Time


Ok children, settle down, because let me explain how awesome Marceline is. Not only is she canonically bisexual (check wikipedia!!), and not only is she just bloomin’ rockin’, but she has the cutest outfits ever. This might be a children’s show, but the writers know how to make Adventure Time subversive; and they definitely have a fashion sense. You go, writers/animators.

Nyota Uhura: Star Trek; Original Series


Oh my word. Uhura is my idol, and she was my idol since I first heard about her. But then the episode Mirror Mirror came along and showed her in a spangly outfit and suddenly she seemed even cooler. The whole crew rocked them- as you can imagine, Kirk rather fancied himself in it. But I love Uhura’s in particular. I think it’s partly because of how beautiful she is, and a lot to do with her attitude. Keep rockin’ it, Uhura.

Alice: Alice; Madness Returns


Art by -Kawaii_Chizuru-

This whole game is beautiful; seriously, the animation is stunning. Yes, it’s terrifying, and yes, Alice is a big bag full of crazy, but her dresses are so amazing. Even the one entirely made of flesh. They really encapsulate the fairy tale feel of Alice in Wonderland, whilst reminding us that Alice is actually a deranged murderer in this version of the story.

Elizabeth Swan: Pirate of the Caribbean; At World’s End


All of Elizabeth’s outfits are beautiful, including the one that practically suffocates her. But this is so wonderful. The embroidery must have taken forever, and whilst I have no idea how authentic it is, the outfit shows amazing craftsmanship. And it seems pretty thick and sturdy, so it would sort of work like armour; practical and pretty.

Snow White: Once Upon A Time


Sorry, I know I’ve already given you a OUAT outfit, but all of the outfits are beautiful. I could never choose just one person or outfit. Snow White’s trekking outfit is by far my favourite. The white of course signifies her purity, the significance of her name. Meanwhile, the studs remind us how hard core she is, the cut of the bodice and the collar shows that she’s royalty, and her trousers and boots tell us that she can damn well climb some walls and shoot shit whilst looking cute. Enchanted Forest ain’t just for the men to explore, ladies- get your walking shoes on.

So there, there are plenty more outfits I’m sure- probably a million ones from comic books, anime, cartoons, and- oh yeah, Game of Thrones…

Oh well. These are the ones which came to mind first, therefore they’re probably my favourites. Do comment with yours if you so wish!

Merry Christmas, one and all!

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