Marvel/Attack On Titan Crossover: It’s Happening

We love Marvel. Many also love Attack On Titan. Marvel’s Cebulski has revealed that he thinks the combination would be great.

For those who are wondering, Attack On Titan is a manga set in a universe where ‘titans’ have emerged seemingly out of nowhere and decimated the entire planet. The remaining human beings meanwhile do all they can to defend themselves and learn what they can of the titans, which have so far had so much fun eating them for no discernable reason.

Theoretically, because both Marvel and Attack On Titan are so brilliant and have so many fans, this is one of the most exciting crossovers ever. But will it work? It’s the sort of thing that when you see the headline, you assume it’s fake.


But, as many have gathered from Cebulski’s tweets, it seems to be pretty legit. And it’s going to be happening soon.

The idea of meshing western comics and manga together may not be a new one, but this is the first time that it’s actually happening. The fact that Marvel and Attack On Titan are both so popular makes this even more of a momentous development. So, why hasn’t this happened before? When you think about it, putting manga and comics together makes so much sense.

But then, if you think about it even more, you realise that they might not be as compatible as you originally thought.

It’ll be interesting to see how the creators will adapt the two art styles to work together, and more importantly, how they’ll make the two worlds coexist. Will the characters of each universe actually meet each other? Whilst the idea of Bruce Banner and Eren Jaeger having deep chats about controlling their ‘inner big guy’ is amazing, it’s possible that there’s just too much too different between the two comics.

It’s also important to remember that American and Japanese society are hugely different from each other, so melding their two cultures together convincingly might be difficult. That being said, Attack On Titan is definitely one of the more progressive manga in terms of cultural and good female character representation. It’s advanced beyond the long legged, anatomically incorrect portrayal of women, providing female characters with equally kickass moves without their boobs breaking the laws of physics. In this respect, Attack On Titan is probably the most compatible manga for a Marvel crossover.

But in terms of plots… Attack On Titan is a universe in which a handful of the world’s inhabitants have hidden behind one set of walls, without really knowing if anyone else has survived beyond them. Can this coexist with the Marvel universe, where this isn’t the case? Will the Titans accidentally stumble into the Marvel Universe, or will the whole story be set in a completely separate universe?

This could either be spectacular, or a bit of a flop. Considering the popularity of both of these universes, we can only assume that the writers know what they’re doing.


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