The Hottest Guys of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime!

I’ve been watching, reading, and writing about nerdy stuff for a while now, the reason being that I love how fantastic it all is. Sci-fi, fantasy and anime are such broad genres with such a great opportunity for creative licence that they’re arguably the best mediums for discussing topics which others don’t- if you’ve read any of my other articles, you know I mean minority character representation. If you’re going to write a movie about aliens invading alternate dimensions, would including some queer or disabled characters really make things that much more outrageous? What’s there to lose?

I know this sounds like I’m going off track here, but stay with me. Writers and directors, of course, like to focus their creations on pleasing their target audience- or what they think is their target audience. J.J.Abrams seemed to forget that a lot of his fan’s are women, leaving in Alice Eve’s semi-naked scene but cutting out Benedict Cumberbatch’s. As someone who swings both ways, I’m not saying that pretty ladies aren’t appreciated, but come on. It all seems a bit one sided. It seems like so many creators within the genre are cutting out a huge sector of their audience by making it so male centered and heteronormative, which makes no sense to me.

Fan pages, blogs, and magazines also seem to forget this. I love perusing the internet and reading people’s articles on the genre, but a lot of it still seems rather exclusive, featuring things about ‘sci-fi’s hottest girls’ and the like.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve decided to tip the scales a bit, and hopefully my good intentions will be clear even if this isn’t your sort of thing- here are my top ten favourite hot guys in sci-fi, fantasy, and anime!


 Zachary Quinto


DAYUM is that boy fine. Since his claim to fame in Heroes as Sylar, Quinto proved that he can play the psychotic yet disturbingly sexy villain just with the power of his eyebrows- which, of course, he had partly shaved for his piece de résistance, Spock. The cold, reserved attitude, the cheekbones- it’s enough a to make a Vulcan’s cold blood boil.


James Marsters


It’s the 90s- goth and grunge is sexy. That’s why when Spike made his first regular appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and became part of the gang, Marsters knocked everyone’s socks off. The bad boy attitude? The (very fake but still sexy) English accent? Those cheekbones? Edward Cullen, eat your heart out.


Jensen Ackles


Pretty boys might not be your type but damn is this boy pretty. It’s been proven on Tumblr that Supernatural’s Dean Winchester’s beautiful, demon fighting face fits perfectly into Di Vinci’s Golden Ratio. Need I say more? (I’m sure Castiel could say a lot more.)


Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)


This boy’s got more fangirls than Benedict and Tom Hiddleston combined. No, you can’t see his face, and you never do. But that is a huge part of the allure; it’s all left to your imagination. He’s secretive, he’s complicated, he’s got that don’t-care attitude, he’s a hopeless romantic, and can whoop anybody’s ass.


Makato Tachibana (Free!: Iwatobi Swim Club)


The sweetest guy on the entire planet, Makato pets tiny kittens and- wait for it- he’s a swimmer. Free: Iwatobi Swim Club like to flaunt his body in front of you regularly, and to be honest, this is generally very much appreciated. He’s a sensitive soul who loves his friends more than anything, and you’ll most likely love him too.


Harrison Ford


It all started with Star Wars Episode IV in his role as Han Solo. That laid back arrogance, short temper, acting like he’s totally in control; and then Indiana Jones hit the screens, and people couldn’t get enough of him, reeling him in a Benedict Cumberbatch fashion into everything, from Blade Runner to Working Girl. And by looking at him, you can see why.


Chris Evans


If you’ve at any point seen this man’s butt, you know why he’s here. His role in Fantastic Four was nothing compared to his crowning glory as Captain America, the kind, assertive and all round good man. You know that if you were having a bad day, he would cover you in blankets and make you tea, so even without his butt in the equation he’s just lovely.


Orihara Izaya (Durarara!)


He’s sadistic, he’s street wise, he’s arrogant, and god damn is that a turn on for a lot of people. If you can get past the slightly strange name of the show, I would definitely recommend this anime based on gang culture in Tokyo, not just because of Izaya’s allure.


Colin O’Donoghue


This man is 50% of the reason why I started watching Once Upon a Time. I have never seen the term ‘Irish-looks’ so well epitomized, and my God does he pull off eyeliner well. Not only that, but he’s the guy who starts off a villain of sorts, then reveals his softer side- a classic weapon for capturing the hearts of audiences.


David Tennant


Ah, the Doctor. My teenage heartthrob. Who am I kidding, I still sort of love him. He’s intelligent, he’s wacky, he’s silly- but he knows when to turn up the heat and unleash that terrifying Time Lord wrath. And his face is pretty good too, in my opinion.


I could go on- Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth… what’s with all the beautiful Chrises around here??- but I’ll limit myself to this list. If you have any other hotties you’d like to share, then please comment below!

5 responses to “The Hottest Guys of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anime!

  1. It always annoyed me that there’s always plenty of “fan service” for males and not so much for females…but I guess that’s mostly because half the creators put there are male themselves..
    Now that naruto’s ending we might finally get to see kakashi’s face…I hope.

    • Yes! This is exactly why I’m writing this article. Just because the writers are male doesn’t mean the majority of their audience is! Also I feel ya sister. I need to see that beauty’s face! 😛

  2. I think the list I found most interested was a list not of the ‘hottest’ female characters in sci fi, but the toughest and smartest. Obviously the list included Ripley, Starbuck, Ivanova etc. I think it carried a title something like ‘because girls like space ships too’, or something along those lines.

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